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Chris Hart & Co was set up by Christian Lockhart in 1980 to provide a high quality professional Business Transfer Agency covering the whole of Scotland and Northern England. Over these many years this has been achieved, while at the same time a wealth of experience, knowledge and understanding of valuing a large variety of different types of businesses has been gained. Coupled with this vast knowledge, is, the ability to negotiate with potential buyers of your business to make an offer at the best possible price, on terms and conditions favourable to you. We handle the sale of a wide range of different types of businesses from large to very small.

Selling a business may sound to you as a simple process however it is not as straightforward as it appears. Some parts of it are such as putting adverts online while others including putting the business on to the market at a realistic price, drawing up the schedule of particulars and the handling of enquiries all need experience and knowledge of the market. However the most important part is guiding you and the purchaser through the process of purchasing a business, this includes being involved in the negotiations right up to the settlement the sale. By doing this we invariably get sales over the line that would have otherwise fallen through and in this area that we have unrivalled expertise and experience.

As a business owner it will probably have taken you many years of hard work to develop the expertise and experience that is required to build a successful business. This is something you will be proud of and when you have made that often-hard decision to dispose of your business, you will want to ensure that the sale is in capable hands.

We have spent many years in building up the necessary experience and expertise, technical skills, market knowledge, administrative processes along with the appropriate resources and most impatiently our ability to negotiate the good sale of your business. Our professional approach means you can rely on us to maximize the opportunity to obtain the best possible price for you.

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